Frost Death Knight Leveling Spec 6.2.3

Below is the best 6.2 Frost Death Knight Leveling Spec for dungeons, questing, fast leveling etc… These talents are not set in stone because the playstyle of the player is what really dictates what should be chosen. However, these frost dk 6.2 leveling talents have shown to work great for most players.

Having the right talents is important, but knowing the right rotation will optimize your leveling, pvp, and raiding the most.
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(Macro tutorial below. May help with leveling faster)


Level 56 – Unholy Blight
Nice skill for taking down many mobs at once. The CD is pretty long but well worth it.


Level 57 – Lichborne
Lichborne saves quite a lot of time while leveling because you won’t ever have to worry about healing, at least early on.


Level 58 – Asphyxiate
There are a couple of great talents for this tier, but I find Asphyxiate the most enjoyable to watch.


Level 60 – Runic Corruption
Runic Empowerment isn’t quite as beneficial as Runic Corruption and Blood Tap doesn’t build up charges quick enough to justify using it for this tier.


Level 75 – Conversion
This won’t be a hindrance to your normal rotation, so it saves time with your leveling in that way. And, it’s a nice self-healing talent that we need.


Level 90 – Remorseless Winter
Nice talent to have for aoeing down mobs, especially the harder mobs that are 90+.

Copy & Paste Macros from Here


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