Frost Death Knight Leveling Spec 7.0.3 (WoW Legion)

Below is the best Frost Death Knight Leveling Spec 7.0.3 for dungeons, questing, fast leveling etc… These talents are not set in stone, as the playstyle of the player is what really dictates what should be chosen. However, these frost dk 7.0.3 leveling talents have shown to work great for most players.

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(Macro tutorial below. May help with leveling faster)


Level 56 – Shattering Strikes
This type of talent allows you to make short work of low level mobs.


Level 57 – Freezing Fog
Allows you to pull multiple mobs at once, followed by big AoE damage.


Level 58 – Avalanche
Nice talent to pickup for dungeon and quest leveling.


Level 60 – Blinding Sleet
Really important talent to pickup if you plan to fight more than one enemy at a time while leveling.


Level 75 – Permafrost
This talent absorbs quite a lot of damage from multiple attacks at once.


Level 90 – Frostscythe
Allows for AoE pulling on 90+ enemies, as they get quite stronger at that level range.


Level 100 – Glacial Advance
Much like Frostscythe, this allows for continuous AoE pulling at higher levels.

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